Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gray and Keys

I watched read and stood back in serious amazement of the fall out of these two acting like two school kids on acid in the play ground.
To me the issue was always the lack of respect they showed the females they worked with on that "tuck it in love" video clip and the very creepy Keys "did you smash it" one.
Which was Horror TV however my moment of joy that these two are off the TV as they have bored fans for years and also in the case of Gray his over use of players nicknames always done my nut in. Back to the point sorry where i sit uneasy is with Sky trying to hold the high ground and also the fact it says it will not stand for this and them gives fans the vile Named Soccer AM and it's blandness and view that all fans are idiots and then the only time you see female fans is in tight tops walking down the cat walked woof called by some fat blokes in the corner that go under fans of the week in a mock stand and the kind of people that most fans would give a miss to if seen acting up near a ground.
In truth most of the Sky shows are poor and made by people who think that a female in shorts on page three of the sun is how they view  female fans
When truth be told all the fans i know are happy to talk and respect all our fans no matter of gender or colour.
Truth is it is Sky that is also sexist in it's view of fans and also the view it holds of fans full stop is backward.

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