Thursday, 27 December 2012

How did we get to here?

I know many will not agree with how i see how Queen's Park Rangers is being re banded and reasons this far why it has failed.

When Dastardly and Muttley left our club the new era was about to start they had spent little in the summer and the thoughts at the time was they were happy to take the TV money and invest as little as pos.
Then with the club having a huge bust up seeing Amit walk away,the hope was under the new owners Amit would comeback and he would work along side Tony Fernandes and they got to work ASAP on the transfer market and got in some big names to show the football world that they mean business.
And this humble West London club can beat the best teams in the world on and off the pitch..
The re branding was about to come into play not that many off us cared we had at last got a chance that would see us as a club move forward,

We all know how last season went so i am going to try and get my head round where and what has gone so badly wrong this season.
That starts and ends with the appointment of Mark Hughes i like the rest of us really shocked but happy when he came,not even his i interviewed the board and they share the same ambition as me made any bells start to ring.
We somehow stayed up and then him and the board i guess set out their blueprint for the club.

And that is where my head spins i have no issue with mr Fernandes coming to QPR or his reasons he is a business man and that means he came here to make this club work and as a side issue of  that his own business would do well,there is no sane person in the world who would have a issue with that,it is a win,win for all Rangers do well and he does therefore making more monies ready to spend how could this be a bad idea?.

But things started to move very fast players started coming in at a rate of knots that was shocking in it's speed and also the kind of player coming in plus wages.
Now with the likes of Park i can see what the board were thinking this man can be the face of QPR on planes in the far east and raise our brand level to that of something we would only dream of.
And also in the thinking was i think let us build this 45k ground and the plan is that people will flood to QPR from the far east just to see games and they will pay top wack in tickets and spend in the club shop, and with that they can then take QPR to the next level.

And you see that is a bit of the problem they took their eyes off the picture that Hughes and his agent pals were building and that was a squad of players on their last deal and who seem to have lost their way and hunger.
And also they did something insane and was give us two international keepers that is beyond insane in wages.
But while Park is captain and he can put bums on planes and seats and do the business on the pitch this plan should work....

Along come Swansea and blow project QPR up in one afternoon of 90 minutes.
Even i dared to dream that all this money coming into the club and players would make the club safe for the future which to me is beyond everything and we can have a season our fans deserve.
That will teach me.

Again i will be panned for saying this but the board made huge mistakes on and off the pitch in the summer one of which was to ignore the will of most and not have a fans forum so the normal fan like me and others can just have a chat and listen to those who run the club and try and work as one to make this work.
But they did their own thing and that is fine and dandy but did with some leave a bad taste when they ignored some and moved people from their seats and next season will see them people pay more now if the club had taken just five minutes to talk to fans on this, that would not have been the case.

The huge mistake the club made was to go too fast too soon in the changes and not bring in a wise head like David Dein or someone of that ilk to oversee the changes and also he knows football inside out and would not have let Hughes do half the damage he did.

The boardroom will i hope sit down and think this whole re branding process and take what is special about Queen's Park Rangers and with that we will and can become the dream they all want us to be part of.

For what it is worth yes we can stay up,but it will take some job and while we have fight in the team we need to also move out in every way we can those that do not want to be here and have no belly for the fight.
If we stay up we need as one to all step back and breathe it has been a rough couple of seasons and both the fan base and club have had a lot to take in and i hope and pray that the board will learn from all the mistakes made.
And we will be stronger and wiser for it and it don't even matter what league we are in as long as we have a team to support.
And what also matters is the club history culture and fans above the re branding or project as some may call it.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Today is a day when we need the team to stand up for themselves and anything less than a point will see the manager and staff under more pressure.
I think today we need to see Adel and Junior Hoilett have to start and also have to find away of Helping Zamora up front as at times he looks like he needs someone to work with,

We need a win simple as that which is why i said the players need to stand up and be counted as does the manager.
He has been backed by the board i am not sure i agree that we have only been out played twice in my mind we have been lucky that many teams have not taken chances that our defense give at will.
That said this is a team that has talent but as yet no cutting edge and playing for a draw to me is madness.
The team i would play is this Júlio César,
Bosingwa, Hill,Nelsen,Traoré,

Then again i am not paid 3m a year so what do i know Everton are hard to beat and also have something we so badly need and that is they work as a team and give up on nothing but today we can turn that all upside down and get among them and once we get that win we can go into the next game so some hope,lose and i fear that Mark Hughes quote that we will never be in this  position again will look empty words.

The fans as always will play the role of the 12th player but we need something to feed from and that we can all build on.
Tommy Smith scored last season and won the points but this is not the same team today that we are playing they will be up for it and i hope we are.
I look at far better players in our squad and can not get my head round why we have been so poor.
The season does not start today but our fightback can.

Come on U R's

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hope in them Hoops

I have not done one of these for ages so please forgive again my poor Grammar.

Right hands up all those at WBA  that when we had a chance to steal a point at the end could not believe our luck?
Not just me then.

I have no idea what is wrong with the club at the moment or why on earth we find ourselves at the foot of the table without a win and looking like a team that starts with it's best players on the bench which is new to me in all my years of watching the game.

Something is very wrong at the club is the mindset i have after seeing all our games this far and the talk of players jumping into a taxi when told not in the team and heading back to London is a worry and i hope not the case.
I ask myself did the board give too much power to Mark Hughes as it looks like he is in control of things on and off the pitch or do we need a wise old head in the background in the way David Dein did at Arsenal?

I keep saying to myself the season starts Sunday or Saturday but that is not the case our season started as we know at the hammering of us by Swansea and apart from the Chelsea and Spurs game we have been poor this far in what we need is to understand where we are and show some hunger and also play like the team we know we can be we have some of the best players at the club since the 90's so why do we find ourselves in this position is what i want to know.

And also that Interview with Adel was both sad and unreal at the same time i do not recall seeing a player in that state ever on camera and i hope he and Hughes sort it out as that was more than a worry to look at.

I also have a huge faith that we can find our feet but that is something as a QPR fan we are born with i guess.
I also still have huge faith and still thank Tony Fernandes for buying into the QPR dream but Tony i have watched football for over thirty years and do know like many others what i am talking about.

And i hope to god that Tony and Amit stay with us and put in place the plans that will take our club to the next level and also take what is so special about us and they don't need me to tell them what that is they have been around long enough to know that,but what i will say our fans do have the right to panic at times in fact being born QPR it should be our middle name.

Now this is the bit where i say it will all be great on Monday morning and we will be shouting Rangers are back loud and proud and as it may seem mad i do think we can win, all i will say is that i will take one win and two draws from the next four and that will give me hope.

Last two things are sad to see Faurlin out of the team and also Joey Barton what a fool that man is i seem he said he only came for the money after leaving his beloved Newcastle was that the same Newcastle that he hammered so much on the Open all R's podcast that like he said QPR did put him in the youth set up?
Now he is in love with the French and all things from his window he looks out of well until he finds himself with the youth set up perhaps Joey it may just be you that is the problem?

Anyway i have hope in them hoops some come on Rangers on Sunday

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Our Bit Part In Super Sunday

I have not done a blog post for sometime reason for that is simple enough a few too many people pointed out my poor grammar and lack of spelling which being born with Dyslexia among other acts of fun from god i thought  i would take the bull by the horns and do one and like all my life my errors are well pointed out.

Trouble is i am back as i have to get this out of my system so in advance i am sorry to the spelling and grammar police.

Right tomorrow is the day all the media care about who picks up the trophy and can tour it round the World ASAP and make more TV money and all the other tours that come with it.Then moan about too many clubs in this league and to many games via the world circus that is the Premier League
We as in QPR and Bolton have a bit part in all this we are the clubs that now stand over the trapdoor to the championship and our downfall will be knew come after 90 Mins tomorrow.

Even Sir Alex wants us to do a "wee Aberdeen" Alex if we beat City tomorrow and you win the league it will mean nothing to us at all what matters to us is our club and that club staying up, Just like we do not matter to you in anyway unless Ashley Young needs to take a dive and win a game.

The whole hype over this game is mad,even on the respected Guardian podcast they think we could lose by eight or more.
Such poor respect for a club that has comeback from the dead to somehow get back in the top league and has 90 mins to save its dreams.

One thing this season has not been is dull we have good people in the boardroom internationals on the pitch our fan base as one and a club that many know is going places new ground, training ground,youth set up all on the minds of the owners and even Land in our heartland  on the verge of being paid for where we will have our new home.
And yet we wait our league fate in the background of sky TV fireworks and that tape they cover miles of earth with, the premier league big wigs and playing a club who's fans know all very well the pain of seeing your club fall into poor hands and lower leagues and like us never walked away.
Ironic in a way the game is with City as i say they know our pain and any other time i would be over the moon for them forgive the pun.

Queen's Park Rangers i would not swap ya for all the clubs in the world i just pray and hope we somehow pull it off tomorrow and Bolton Sky and The BBC will take no notice of if it is us or you that goes down but i know too well how they and we will feel tomorrow night.

I will be there next season i don't care where it is or what league as Morrissey once said there is a light that never goes out.

Come on U R's

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Neil Warnock

Ok not done a blog for ages due to many things in life that my time is not my own,
Being honest reading his thoughts on QPR today in the paper Via Indyrs it left me more in shock than even cold.
I know Neil will divide thoughts on him in the game and i get that,But at Queen's Park Rangers he was the man who took us from the arse of the league to Champions into the Premier and done what will be seen in many years as the man who put down  the foundations of whatever happens to our great club and all that comes our way would not have been done unless we as a club took the step and put Neil and his team in charge.

 Steve Russell always  said to me you judge a person and what they did at the club if they made a difference and he did that in mountain loads.
People forget how bad as a club we were back then Hart had come in and killed us on the pitch we could not beat Uxbridge under tens also as seen now in the four year plan away from the pitch the club was a basket case.
He came in and saved us then not only that took us up in his first season,he stopped the constant and failed go at taking in unheard of players and went for championship players and in Paddy Kenny one of the best keepers i have seen at QPR since Seaman.

I said at the time the fans will give a manager what he gives to us and i have to say QPR and Neil never left anything in the ground we gave everything as he did and the reward for that was one of the best seasons we have ever had.
For many a year QPR had become a joke club in the papers with some idiots in the boardroom now gone thank god treating the press and fans like idiots,lucky for us Neil seen that the fans were out on their knees and he took us off them and then some.
I never thought i would ever see Queen's Park Rangers as champions only a season after i left the city ground after a 5-0 result.
Truth is i thought we would be leaving the league via the other exit to call us poor was a crime on poor football teams.
Not helped by a board that hired a manager then spent its time after that shooting them down and a even using their own websites to bring them down,dark days and sad to see our great club devoid of the soul that made us the People's club of West London.

I have said before on here that football saved me from hell at times and this year was a poor one away from QPR and i know this makes me sad but QPR got me over it at times.
How can one person who wears them hoops ever forget last season from Derby away to Swansea home when you came out of them games you knew this team was special this was a team that can wear the word champions with pride and they did.

I am also said to see that Neil was removed by text i want to say that is poor and was a mistake in my book the man done more for us that deserves better than a goodbye and thank you text.

Neil Warnock from a QPR fan who has seen our club kicked about like a can and treated like rubbish even from those who owned us can i just say thank you for coming in to our club and for the hope you gave  us as fans and for making us put the words PREMIER LEAGUE back in place along side Queen's Park Rangers.

We have our Rangers back for that i could never thank you enough.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dreams of day's like today when at London Road

I was told the other week that my grammar was woeful and it is true it is but bugger all i can do about it,i could not spell a word till i was near twelve the curse of an over active mind mixed with the dyslexia head.
Anyway sorry to you all in reading my bad grammar rants.

The last weeks on the football field more than great like the win over the great Satan and then walking to spurs with the tiger cubs was just magic,
Downside was My poor old mum is fighting every day to get her health back and during them times it brings back how football can act as a safety net for life and what it chucks at ya at times.

Talking of Chelsea just when you think you can not hate them enough you can always find that extra bit of hate.

Today we play City top of the League and a team that would beat anyone millions spent and i wonder when they dropped down the leagues like us did they dare to dream these days are going to come and riches they would have.

Come to think of it did we, when being spanked at London Road on a cold Oct night.Then again perhaps it is the darkness of them days that make the light we have now seem so bright.
I guess not but i do not hate City and never have always got on well with their fans apart from when Jamie Pollock scored THAT own goal and sent them down and only the rain saved us from a very angry mob.
I am looking forward to seeing their fans again down the bush i wonder if they have changed a wee since the old days they used to come in the White Horse and once i swapped my Rangers scarf for a Man City one i said to a fella this scarf was at Man Utd when we won and he was his was at a European final but said  it would be an honour to swap and he did.

I am sure today old Curly Watts is dancing on his bin round i always recall his city scarf from the old days when City were the team from Manchester so ironic with all our riches today is the Peoples club from Manchester playing at the Peoples club of West London.
That said i really hope we win sure they can always get the three points back of Chelsea it's just so easy.
Good luck City after today.and get well soon Mum

Sunday, 23 October 2011

This is the day

Today is here at last OK I know this game means more to us than it does them and I do not care about that.
It is what it means to me that matters,words would fail me if I even give it a go in saying why I hate the Great Satan from the Kings Road.
Even when we were two leagues below them it did not matter I have seen us hammer them and also lose they hurt more than anything.

I do not care how Chelsea re brand themselves to me I can and will never forget going there in the 80's and 90's and how vile their fans were at that ground and when they came to the bush.
On the way to see my mum who is in St Mary's for a bad fall myself and my sister driving down Chippenham road seen a scum fan on his bike honest to god you would think it was a cartoon brought to life.
Looked like a man who nicked the car from back to the future and came from 1979 full skinhead tattoos that would shame a simpleton.
Anyway I tried to get near him to hammer him about today to my sisters horror but he went the wrong way not for the first time in his life.

Now how insane is that but I can not help myself I see that shirt and it makes my blood boil.
But today for me is about Gary Bannister,Alan McDonald and for some reason that goal by Kevin Gallen make me think of days like today image of McDonald with his fists in the air from when we done them back in the day when beating them was no shock.

Today is more than that no one will give us a chance they will down and litter the place and large it up and yes they have won things and I do not care I have always said it and always will I would never give up a day of being a QPR fan for what they have had or got.
Queen's Park Rangers are the peoples club of West London yes we now have the money so long missing but one thing we never did that they did was walk away when the dark days came in fact our gates went up.
This club means everything to us and today is not our cup final as they say on their sites it is a day when we as fans thank god we picked up them blue and white hoops and became fans of the greatest football club in the world and not one of them,
Heroes will be born today songs will be wrote no its not a cup final it is when the peoples club shake off it's chains and tells the football world we are Queen's Park Rangers and we are back and give me that blue flag to........well you know the rest.
Come on my team Come on U R's

And today is for our Daphne

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.[Mark Twain]