Monday, 25 April 2011

Stand up for the Manager

As i sit down again my mind should be full of the idea of going to bed but yet it is all about Queen’s Park Rangers F.C.
Still also trying to get over the idea of my mum who sat and turned into the game on Saturday and watched it from start to finish and who is 76 and knows nothing about the game at all.
But she knows what it means to us and tonight as i said goodbye to her she looked at me and said “Son enjoy tomorrow it has taken long enough”
Now how true is that i recall the west ham game that sent us down and in true Rangers style we won and went down due to other results.

I still blame Wilkins he was a woeful manager  and us down by caring more about his mates than what was good for our club.
The years after that i could type about all night and day and even fill a book lots of dark day and a lot of good days from the woeful Houston and the spark of greatness at times Mr Holloway gave to the club and the merry go round of managers skint then not skint then skint again.
But i will not do that all i will say is that i am so proud of the fans of this club who in the dark days they kept  us going not the boards but the fans and they deserve this so much.
Still now my mind is racing with pride hoop and the fact that many dark days will be washed away with the grace of god tomorrow and we will sing dance and get very drunk.
This is our time our joy our club and i am so happy i can not tell you what this means to me but i don’t need too  as you feel the same as me.

One or two things that still upset me when i think about it is when we were having a bad time Fulham printed in there programes letters from so called ex Rangers fans saying how they enjoyed going to Fulham now
bunch of arseholes and shame on them both Fulham and the gobshites that walked away.
The other was Reading fans sing to us that we were not fit to wear the hoops.
Stupid i know but i will never forget them things.

And yesterday in Cardiff you seen what it was like the lads gave their all as did the fans.
Mr Warnock stand up take a bow Rangers are back and you know what i would still never ever swap one day of my life for being a Queen’s Park Rangers fan with anyone it is not about the glory it is about us the fans the Qpr we love is so much more than just a  football club.

Come on U R’s and thank you the players of this great club it is the best of days.

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