Friday, 10 June 2011

The Vampire's Clutch

With all the talk of the season ticket prices and also the awful PR QPR have got over it i was over the moon to get my renewal pack in the post today.
The buzz word of Rangers seems to be "dream"

I did not open it as what is the point the prices have been out for a wee bit now and it is not like they have had a huge re think and doing the right thing,

The thing is we have been away from the top flight for some time and a huge chunk of our fans just want to see top flight football again and that is understandable.
To me the anger is the people who can not be part of this "Dream" priced out,and come next season instead of them being the 12th man on the pitch they will be at home game on and either screaming at the radio or TV and that is the who sadness in all of this.
To me  i can not think of not being able to go to Loftus Road it is what i have done since i moved here from Northern Ireland near thirty years ago.

Rangers is more than a football or a passion it is something so special that words could not say what it means to us all.
But someone else will come in if i don't and take on my seat will the new breed have the passion will they understand the icon shirt the greatness of Stan Bowles,Gary Bannister and think back of Kevin Gallen arms in the air at Sheffield Wednesday when we got out of League Two as it was then.
Will their heart miss a beat when the tube goes past the ground and the floodlights light the sky on a winters night.
I hope so as i am only one person i will always be a fan of Queen's Park Rangers but i have no blood left to give.
I can see Flavio leaning over me like a Vampire in true hammer horror style but even the hardest hearted Vampires would be ashamed at the amount of blood this board want from it's own fans.

I read the debates about what makes a real fan and what does not and i find it sad that fellow fans all be it a few thank the gods,who feel the need to question fans loyalty over not being able to get a season ticket and also even some mock them.
The fact remains that to me Queen's Park Rangers was always more than just a football club so much more.
Nothing ever will replace the sight of my beloved blue and white hoop shirts at some of the best grounds in the land and also some of the worst.
How can it or the play back in my mind of John Byrne and Gary Bannister take on Chelsea and hammer them a class apart, and when August the 13th comes not only is it my 42 birthday it is the day when i start a season without that one thing that makes my life whole the season ticket to the R's,  now one thing QPR are right about this season all it will be to me is a dream .

It seems my club feel i was good enough in the days we played Port Vale and so on but not for Liverpool.

I wish Neil Warnock and the lads in the best football shirt in the world all the luck in the world they are the real heroes in all this and we as fans will give them our heart and soul but the boardroom  of Vampires have sucked our blood dry.

"Whoever picks up this baton has to be able to carry it forward,"

~ Ian Holloway


  1. Great post Paul. U R'S

  2. Good assessment which a lot of other ST holders are currently also thinking about. I really hope a new generation of fans, especially plastic glory hunting types, do not fill the seats of fans whom have been there especially over the last 15 years.

  3. Steve Masters aka steveqpr88122 June 2011 at 15:27

    To call Flabio Briatore a vampire is an insult.
    If Dracula was still alive, he'd sue you for libel.