Monday, 31 January 2011

Adel Taarabt the child, the genius, the man

At Queen's Park Rangers over the years we have had some of the best players in our day in the country and we have also in recent years had some of the worst i have ever seen.
Adel Taarabt is something very special and i know you read that in all of the greats there is also Baggage.

Last season he made Elton John seem like a good mannered soul but in all fairness to the lad the club policy of a manager a month did more to make all the players act up and get on like they ran the place and they did sometimes.

Last Sunday we seen Adel the best player outside the premier and if in it would push the very best on his day.
This weekend he was man marked out of the game in the first half which we all knew would happen with a team who has Pearson as a manager who was as a player someone who done a job rather than someone who played "The Beautiful Game".

Adel had the mother of hissy fits and let them get to him,While i love too see this man play his magic at our club he also needs to know that no one is bigger than Queen’s Park Rangers.
I hope and pray that the people around him get the lad and his head back to being the player we know he can he is without doubt a class act and a cut above and we are lucky to have him.
And he is lucky to have the best fans in the world chanting his name week in week out.

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