Saturday, 5 February 2011

The day's we Dream about

How lucky us band  of hoops are in these days of joy.
Last night i seen Queen’s Park Rangers move a step closer to the top flight again. You can tell a side that is heading for the drop and it is now a change to see our club heading out the right exit this time.
We have had our fair share of luck,then again i think that luck at times is from hard work and a never say die mindset.
To me i am old and i will turn up to see QPR at Wrexham or Anfield makes no odds to me,but it is hard for an old git like me to understand that a whole new age of fans have been born and missed us playing and winning at the so called big boys.

For years we have played teams who at the end of the season leave the championship and head forth into the leap of faith hope and bags of gold that is the premier.
How sweet it will be to be having the mother of all parties in May to show the world that Queen’s Park Rangers are back and proud.

Last thoughts i know that Adel will be player of the year but all season Derry and Kenny have been the best players on the park by a mile but now also we have young Faurlin playing the best football of his Rangers days.
This is the best of days

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