Saturday, 19 February 2011

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

To me the song I often played and thought about Queen's Park Rangers in our days of trouble was There is a light,that never goes out by the Smiths.
You don't need to explain it to anyone the words do that.
In fact there is a few lines of one other song when played takes me back to getting beat week in week out and home or away we never gave up as fans.
It is these lines from Hope Street by the Levellers

“No old faces out today
Someone took them all away
Cleaning up or so they say
The dirty face of Hope Street “

But it was not all about the club back in the day being down and out,anyone who understood football knew the season we dropped out of the premier that we only had ourselves to blame.
We gave hope to staying up with a win at Sheffield Wednesday then also when we played Man Utd and the ref played till they got a goal back and we all felt hard done by.
But the truth was Wilkins was a rubbish manager too close to the players,and wasted the transfer budget on some odd buys that was never going to work and you knew it was time up when we welcomed Mark Hateley to the club on the pitch on crunches.

The seasons after that were a real mixture I hated seeing the likes of Vinnie  Jones all that was wrong about the game in the classic hoop shirt of real football and players who played the game the right way.

Thing is being a QPR fan is never about knowing what is going to happen look back to the Man city away game all them years ago.
The media had the game so hyped up it was unreal,it was win or down for them all we needed was a draw.
The whole football world did not give a rats if Queen's Park Rangers went down it was all about poor old Man City.
It was all going back and forth then out of no where and for no reason at all Jamie Pollock scored the best own goal ever.
We danced and danced sang and even the rain coming down like god himself was a blue mind you I was a bit pleased it rained some of their fans seemed a wee bit angry at the end and I had to come back to London with my old boss, A huge man city fan and it was only when I got in my car back in London that I let out a huge U R'ssssssssssssssssssss.

It is fingers crossed today at Preston a place funny enough back in the dark days we lost five nil and Rangers fans turned on each other and the mood back from that game was anger and pain.
Then we took a hell of a beating away to Wimbledon that season as well and again we found each game painful and sore.

This season makes up for that and a win today will take one more step towards the premier.
That said it does not matter who we play be it a team in the premier or back at London Road.
To be be a Queen's Park Rangers fan is so  much more than than the glory.
Which at times was dead handy.

"well the pleasure, the privilege is mine"

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