Saturday, 5 March 2011

Our latest takeover

It was never about Falvio and Bernie coming in to save Queen's Park Rangers.
Fact of the matter was simple we all knew and said that Paladini was taking the club under even if the told AGM's all was OK the truth was was were heading for meltdown and on the day the club could have played it's last match Gianni gave the club away to Flavio and only by Antonio Caliendo writing off millions and the shareholders being stung and all rights taken away was then the go ahead for the takeover done.

In a weird and bizarre manner Gianni was hailed by some as the man who saved the and even gave an award now anyone who thought Gianni was just a fun figure or a wee bit mad should have woke up and looked at how he managed to mastermind that and stand back,he did a good job the facts were chewed up and spat out and history re wrote.

The fan base was spilt and fans made targets to be drove away from the club and a website set up to take on all other QPR sites so as it could spin for GP.

OK then we get the Flavio show something i think was awful for our history club and all things Queen's Park Rangers Football club.
We lost our bars the prices went threw the roof the PR was worse and our logo should have been "let them eat cake"
Even if Mr Mittal on the board and some singing about us being richer than you still cringe at that one,how many years did we get that sung to us it is up there for me with "we will never play you again" as songs that we should never sing.
Anyway Mr Mittal came on with his son in law working for the club and dreams of huge spending ect were talked about.
All that was done in my eyes was they got the best box in football,they also got some great PR then when the details of the loan to pay off ABC came out eyes rolled and had to do a double take.

Why was the loan not just paid off?
Why did the clubs debts rise and rise?
Why did we have the richest board room in the world and yet paid some very average players huge wages and got in the wrong players ?
the long term deals on huge wages also made me think at the time,this is all a mess and it seemed to me that again we had the wrong person getting in the players and wasted millions.

Then things start to move fast as it was always said that Flavio and Bernie  came in for business reasons but the business was not going the way they wanted.
What saved QPR in my mind was that crash on the F1 world and the fall out from that when Flavio found himself jobless and looking to find a new role.

Then Bernie takes the helm like we were told he would we get in Warnock and get in championship players and full backs like we have been asking for season in season out.
I was told like some others it was always about Property, could not see how and thought long and hard about why they came into the club.
Well it was simple they got it for nothing after years of not really knowing what the hell they are doing they got serious and done the right thing and trusted a football man in the manager and now they want the money and the pot of gold awaits them.

What has been left in the dust is a god awful badge a fan base still spilt,no more meeting with fans and the club,the club press treating the fans like readers of a red top and five years old.
No fans Forums.

Now an outsider would say even with all the madness of all of what was done in the last few years they have made their money and we will be in the premier.
So outsiders will say it's a win win.

Me i do not know i just hope and pray that if and when we get passed on to god knows who next that they have people that will work with the fans and look at ways of treating the fans better than we have had since 2005.
And they get into our culture and history and never forget day after day that they have the best fans in this planet and the kind of fans who when all is said and done about who saved this club it was them in the dark days went out with buckets and men like Harold Winton brought in players.
Our fans deserve the best of days as god knows we have had a belly full of hope that sank into despair time after time.

So to the new people a warm welcome and a hope they gave our fans the club they deserve and move us forward and one and bring back the many who no longer sit in the seats their families held from many a year gone by.

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