Tuesday, 15 February 2011

"The Revolution Will Be Televised"

What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning.
Charlie Chaplin 

That is such a good Quote and so true.
The country is being hacked to death with cutbacks and jobs being lost,Like an unwelcome wind of change with the three horsemen driving it on.into our lives and hurting many.
Even with this you see football players get more and more the fans face not being able to pay for games unless they get sky go to the pub,that is how they will see their team from now on.

It is not right that players and agents now control the game as with Rooney showed even the big boys can and will be blackmailed into paying more and more in wages.
Gone is the days of Keegan and so on who came from a family that was sent down the mines for work and who thanked god every day on how lucky they were to make a living from kicking a ball.

If you take time to read the tweets of players it's about the money not international caps or medals any more.
It is about how much you're agent can screw out of a club and so on,While the fans on the seats who travel across the country face losing their choice of going to games due to price.

Take my team QPR we are having the best of days again we are looking to join the greed league and see the likes of Torres down the bush (still hope he is wearing the boots he is now.) and you have to pinch yourself that the next five games our the biggest we have had in near thirty years as they will tell us where we are and if we are good enough.
That said i think if we do go up we could be the first team in god knows how long to go up that has had so little goals from the strikers.

I hope and pray to god that football and the people who run the clubs look at what is going on in the real world and stop the huge paying of wages to players or at least stop pushing up the prices.
And clubs of our size took note from history and never again over spend so much that the fans have to then take to the games with buckets.
Only for the club in a few years of that to price them same souls out of the game.

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