Monday, 7 February 2011

That lot down the road

I did not watch the Chelsea game yesterday,I am now finding since I dumped sky the radio is good enough on such things,And the idea that one day Mark Lawrenson will one day shout “I’m free” is a hope that keeps me on radio five also I find talk sport all that is vile about how the media view us as fans.

But it is clear to anyone that they can spend all the money in the world and have a trophies all over the place,but when one nil down and just after spending 70 odd million you can not buy passion utter shocking that the bin lids at the bridge leave with ten minutes or so left.

When we played them they had paid flag wavers and flags on the stands that the club hang up no history or class maybe the Liverpool fans are right on that one.

They also have the most vile players on a pitch in one team that even Madrid would blush at in the Franco days.

And it was nice on a week when Torres left a team with Five European cups and over eighteen league titles says he wanted to join a big club,(note to his advisers,that was piss poor,) and again shows how little the players of today have respect wise for clubs they for for or the fans who travel any where and every where, who keep the faith and when clubs are on their knees it is them who pick the club up.
I found his words cold and also I know I hate Chelsea but that was crass and just shows why he now a hate figure in Liverpool and they were right to burn his shirt.

One last note I do not care how much clubs spend on players as long as the price of tickets for the fans do not suffer to pay these greedy souls.
To me it is the fans that are the ones that both the clubs and football authorities treat like muck on a shoe.
No matter what club we fall in love with.

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