Friday, 11 March 2011

Always the fans why?

OK it is March I switch on the radio and the FA are going to charge Queen's Park Rangers and Gianni Paladini for …................did not hear the rest well apart from Faurlin's name as my heart and soul sank.

Time has passed since then and it looks like things may thank god not  be as bad as first thought and as a club a points punishment is now looking less likely and if anything a fine looks the outcome.

In the last few days all I think is why us and that is the thing in the last few years this club just walks into madness.
Sometimes it would be nice to be like every other club that sits on top of the championship seven points clear and daring to dream with only eleven players week in week out standing in you're way.

I am not going to say why I think we have found ourselves in this mess or who at the club has been a fool if any.
Our job as fans is to pray and hope the out come does not stand in the way of our dreams.

But what hacks me about the FA,PL,FL is take the issue away from Queen's Park Rangers and look at other clubs such as Luton,York Bournemouth and so on.
The powers that be always punish the clubs after the people who they let in to run the club make a mess and they walk away able to walk into a club again and do it all over.
And who picks up the mess and has the job of saving the club and that is us the fans.
Has it never ever came to the powers that be that run the game that perhaps it is up to them to make sure that the people they let in to clubs are fit and it is them if any wrong doing is done on their watch get the punishment,or am I looking at this far to simple.

My own thoughts are that we will be ok points wise,we will still go up  when all is said and done the fans of this club deserve their dreams and also please god we get to live that dream.
And make no bones about it if and when we avoid a points loss we will owe it to the legal teams of our billionaire owners.

Bill Shankly and his life and death football quote is used so much about the game and that is one that says it all but also for fans of clubs like our  Queen's Park Rangers it is also about hope,be that the hope we have a club to follow or the hope one day we sit on top of the championship on the verge of the premier.
Faith hope and hoops.

I found this on the web and I need say no more.
Come on U R's

We gather
Beneath the leaking corrugated roof
The rain dripping
Caught in the flickering floodlights
Waiting patiently
The lost remnants of a crowd
A murmur erupts
As the teams plod wearily
Kick about dispassionately
Waiting reluctantly
For the whistles starting shrill
The game
Moves like the tide
With slow relentless ebb and flow
Mid week
Mid season
Mid table
Nothing left to win or lose
The final whistle
Nil Nil
To quiet applause
Wet and weary
The teams depart
Small boys chase their heroes
Across the sodden mire
And dream, one day
Of Premiership glory.

by Washuu Masaki


  1. I wish I shared your confidence about avoiding the points loss. The fact is that none of us knows what will happen. Everything I read and here is idle speculation. Needless to say, I hope for a good outcome, but I have zero reason to be either optimistic or pessimistic. Until the hearing, it's hard to work out just how serious or otherwise this is.

  2. I know what you mean i guess,the way i am looking at this is due to the fact the club have started or have at least started taveover talks.
    Now i am thinking there is too much to lose for our board and the fact they if true want to sell.

    And a club heading for the prem will bring in more monies than one that stays in the championship and that is why i think they will bring in some big wigs to fight this.
    Monies depend on it.