Friday, 29 April 2011

The FA And Us

Yet again we sit on the edge of something big something that in years go by in the past we could only Dream off the Premier we are there now and yet our fate sits at the hands of men and woman in wigs and not the feet of our players or the tactic board in the dressing room.
We could sit and talk about the rights and wrongs of this case to the cows turn blue and white hoop like, but the fact remains the FA do this to us now right or wrong but who will suffer us the fans where was the FA and it’s help when we the fans went out with buckets to pay bills and get some players in ?
Not seen anywhere near W12 that is for sure.

Now they shout out and to me that is so wrong they let the people in to the clubs and yet when they do something wrong it is the us that takes the hit, God knows we know pain and hurt.
There is also the case that if we do not go up this board of Queen’s Park Rangers could wrap us up due to the debts.
This is a very serious issue and one the FA should look at who let these people in and who let these things go on for two years before now taking this issue to their court.
Punish those who done wrong not our players or fans .

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