Friday, 6 May 2011

The Farce so Far

Maybe i am in some kind of weird zone but after all the panic of the last few day's i am now in a cool off zone.
What hacks me off is this game that is going on and we as fans as always seem too be in the cross fire.
Now to me the people who have done no wrong in this is our fans our team our manager yet we are the ones that suffer more than most.

The FA to me seem to have pushed on with this for no other reason than a hunch something was wrong but no proof and now you have a farce.

You know the more this case goes on the more you see that all works out to be is a cash cow for the legal wigs and no one gives a rats arse about the fans.
And that is the sadness in all this.

For what it is worth i think we will be ok and just have a slap on the hand and a fine maybe some other action but no points loss this season or the next.
What i do want to see is my club stop us ever being in this position ever again it is not fair on our fans or players and manager.
We are Champions and come on U R's

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