Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Week They Turned My Club Into A Monster

I said many times on here and elsewhere how much Queen's Park Rangers means to me so i do not did to do that again.
But to sum up things i will try my best a few weeks back i with many others did a walk from our ground in London W12 to Watford it took hours and even had to watch out for golf balls, For Amit Bathia backed Tiger Cubs  It was a great day spent with fellow Rangers fans and at the end of the game we became a Premier club.
Also a few days before my Dad died and people were shocked i turned up i guess but i could not think of better people to be with on such a time and also a great way to deal with it as i said before we were not close but he was my Dad.
And that is the weird thing QPR has always been there for me in dark times i lost myself following the team looking forward to the next game.
Even now as a balding fat 40 something going past them floodlights gives me a kick.

I know my club and how special it is and in the times of when Chelsea spent millions and there fan base changed overnight we had a real club to follow it did not matter what ground what team how many was there we were the biggest social club in the world.

My mates also who went to games with me let QPR become their second club and loved what we had.
This week i have seen the owners of Queen's Park Rangers kill all the good things and good name my club had.
Since that FA report and case my friends think of a very different QPR to the one they liked i felt awkward but steadfast in my love and faith for Rangers.
There has been an ugly monster that has burst out of our Official website this week first the season ticket prices which are beyond gross and unfair on home and away fans but most of all to the hard care family fan base we have that now see themselves as priced out,good enough for Mansfield and Bury but bye bye when the so called stars come to town heartbreaking for many of them.
And then Amit Bathia leaving the boardroom a man who was decent and who came and fell in love with the club it's fans and our history and culture he understood our mindset.

Then came the FA report and it was not a good read for our Chairman and a man who would not know the truth if it kicked him up the R's Gianni Paladini any other club would have kicked him out after such a case.
Now he stays and they let Amit Bathia go and shows the moral compass of our club.

Then the monster awakes again and on it's website sends out that Statement from Flavio and Bernie and it is nothing less than Lord Haw Haw at his best utter vileness and shows no respect  for the fans and the truth.
Yesterday i seen my club give birth to the monster of all clubs.

Then i scan the Mirror and one of the writers hopes we go down,At that time Stephen Fry goes on the radio and says the same now as a man and boy i never care what people say about Queen's Park Rangers as it is always "Oh your the fan" or the old what time is kick off, oh what time can you get here kind of joke.
But most real fans have a lot of time for us and even on cup final day my mates daughters boyfriend was on his bike heading past wembley with his R's shirt on the Man City fans stop him lots of pats on the backs and well done and good to see you back in the premier.
He felt ten feet tall and to be honest being a R's fan people in the most will do that.

The club this week have sent out a message that killed any good will dead most people see the club as greedy and vile and cashing in on sucking football fans blood dry.
And the utter crap about the season tickets prices being in line with other clubs sent people into a laughing over drive.

The F1 mindset is not welcome at W12 and anyone with half a loaf can see that this lot want us all out of the place replaced by people who will turn up buy a scarf and watch a game like a 3D armchair fan go home and the other half they want cash rich tourists they can use as a cash cow on the hope they even exist.

I would like to thank Amit Bathia and his family for they have done for Queen's Park Rangers and it was decent of him to try and stop the price hike and also for all his work he has done for the QPR Tiger Cubs.
You made a difference not many do that from the boardroom to the fans a sad fact in football.

So i guess next season i will spend my time on home games with the Internet on and or a radio the club do not want people like me no more i will get to the odd away game watch the youth.
One day they will go and maybe i will have a Queen's Park Rangers to follow that we again as fans will pick up the mess they leave and once again we can and will be the people's club of West London Real fans Real Dreams.

I won't see as they say on the QPR website the likes of Rooney and Tevez but i seen McDonald,Parker,Sinton,The Bard,Wilson,Bannister,Gallen and Sir Les to name a few and that is who i follow people who wear the greatest football shirt in the world the hoops of Queen's Park Rangers and the greatest fans from W12 To New York and beyond.
You can price me out you can replace me with the so called new breed Premier fan but you can and will never take away from me the true meaning of Queen's Park Rangers or my dreams.

Come on U R's where ever you are


  1. Paul, my name is david and i'm also a r's follower and a fellow glenman from belfast and i'm sharing your pain about the last week, tbh its hard to say where we go from here...'ve only started to subscribe to you on twitter after finding you by accident through a message you left for laure james about northern ireland, i'll look forward to reading your thoughts in the coming weeks, all the best david (

  2. Hi Paul,

    Great thoughts and a lot of soul in what you say!

    My worry now is...
    1. Run down an already emotional fanbase at their most happy time in years.

    2. Get relegated loads a money anyway, who needs the hassle.

    3. The ground is owned by a different entity - we all know whom.

    4. A fractured fan base will not react if the ground is the sold.

    5. Share with Al Fayed - ground sold for prime regeneration of shepherds bush - nice little earner....

    6. Fractured fanbase that is disenfranchised ignores the rapid deterioration of club state.

    7 Chelsea move in to spanking new stadium in white city.

    8. Q.P.R. merges with said white city team and becomes West london FC....

    We were all warned.........

    RIP Q.P.R.