Sunday, 24 July 2011

The QPR Statement well what can you say?

I am not one for not saying what i think but who ever wrote that needs to look at themselves and also how the club look to the rest of the football world when they publish things like that.
I am not sure if the PR people at QPR are being more Lord Haw Haw or Benny Hill with their statements.

I bet when Warnock read that he must have near crashed his tractor and who can blame him his mistake in the eyes of Flavio i am sure was when he thanked Amit Bhatia for taking him to QPR.
Flavio likes people to know who is the boss and who is not and i think we now know.

What hacks me off is this we are weeks away from the start of the season a time when the team and manager are trying to build to take on some of the best teams in the world and even chelsea in the premier next season and then that comes out.

They did not save our club either they took it over and paid nothing for it, we got lucky when we got Warnock in and stayed up which was good in our manager of the month phase the club had at the time.

The bit that makes me laugh is when they say they will build for the future that means that C Club will get some nice new tables then as that is the only building done at our club.

I know that the manager will say nothing and wait for them to push him out as he will want too no matter what happens to be a premier league manager come the 13th of August.
After that who knows what will happen to us and him i would hope that no matter what goes on next season that no one will blame Neil or the players they will always give their all our problems is that we have a boardroom that seeks war when it should make peace and that gives you a mini when it wants you to win a race of 4x4's.
Good Luck Neil the fans are with you,

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