Saturday, 13 August 2011

"Never, never, never, never give up."”

I must be old well i know i am but i recall the day we went down only in true QPR manner could we win the game and still go down.
Easy to blame the Man Utd 108 minute goal at home that made it 1-1 that said in some ways it was good when they scored other wise we would never have got home.
But the truth of the matter was Wilkins spunked the money from the sale of Les he took us down due to bad buys and bad management.

Anyway here we stand 2011 crossed many rivers seen chairmen,directors come and go seen some of the weirdest headlines in football.
I would need to write ten books on what has gone on at QPR in the years out of the premier but today is not a day to look back.

Today we will see the club back in the Premier and in true QPR style we will also see what they tell us is a new owner but to me it looks more like someone joining the board to take the heat off Flavio and Bernie.
The new good cop is in town bad cops will sit back and work out the return on them buying the club for nothing and seeing it back in the big time all that TV money is it really 90m and we spent just over 1m of that in the transfer market,the mother of all gambles and if we stay up Neil Warnock should get manager of the year and freedom of the bush.

There is no point in talking about Flavio and Bernie with their man at the Helm Paladini we all know why there are here and what it is all about.
Today is about Queen's Park Rangers FC the fact that again when we come down the road and see them flood lights we know the season is back on and all i can is i am ready for it whatever it brings.
That is the good part of football Mansfield or Man Utd them hoops on the pitch will always belong to us no matter who owns the keys to the ground.

There was times when we near lost our club and i guess to the fans today priced out of the first game of the season it has been to them and that is the real shame on our owners.

In Neil we trust and we will be backing him from today to May no matter what or what position we hold in the league as no matter what goes on he is blameless and he is also a man who can hold his head up high.
I am 42 today today i feel 10 again my stomach is doing 0-180 in one sec i can not wait to get to the pub the ground see some old mates and then it all starts again.
The premier is not or ever will be what football to us is about it is always and always will be Queen's Park Rangers.
But it is a joy to see the club among the best in the world again even if it may not be on par it is nice as they say to be here.

Anyway Come on U R's

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