Thursday, 27 December 2012

How did we get to here?

I know many will not agree with how i see how Queen's Park Rangers is being re banded and reasons this far why it has failed.

When Dastardly and Muttley left our club the new era was about to start they had spent little in the summer and the thoughts at the time was they were happy to take the TV money and invest as little as pos.
Then with the club having a huge bust up seeing Amit walk away,the hope was under the new owners Amit would comeback and he would work along side Tony Fernandes and they got to work ASAP on the transfer market and got in some big names to show the football world that they mean business.
And this humble West London club can beat the best teams in the world on and off the pitch..
The re branding was about to come into play not that many off us cared we had at last got a chance that would see us as a club move forward,

We all know how last season went so i am going to try and get my head round where and what has gone so badly wrong this season.
That starts and ends with the appointment of Mark Hughes i like the rest of us really shocked but happy when he came,not even his i interviewed the board and they share the same ambition as me made any bells start to ring.
We somehow stayed up and then him and the board i guess set out their blueprint for the club.

And that is where my head spins i have no issue with mr Fernandes coming to QPR or his reasons he is a business man and that means he came here to make this club work and as a side issue of  that his own business would do well,there is no sane person in the world who would have a issue with that,it is a win,win for all Rangers do well and he does therefore making more monies ready to spend how could this be a bad idea?.

But things started to move very fast players started coming in at a rate of knots that was shocking in it's speed and also the kind of player coming in plus wages.
Now with the likes of Park i can see what the board were thinking this man can be the face of QPR on planes in the far east and raise our brand level to that of something we would only dream of.
And also in the thinking was i think let us build this 45k ground and the plan is that people will flood to QPR from the far east just to see games and they will pay top wack in tickets and spend in the club shop, and with that they can then take QPR to the next level.

And you see that is a bit of the problem they took their eyes off the picture that Hughes and his agent pals were building and that was a squad of players on their last deal and who seem to have lost their way and hunger.
And also they did something insane and was give us two international keepers that is beyond insane in wages.
But while Park is captain and he can put bums on planes and seats and do the business on the pitch this plan should work....

Along come Swansea and blow project QPR up in one afternoon of 90 minutes.
Even i dared to dream that all this money coming into the club and players would make the club safe for the future which to me is beyond everything and we can have a season our fans deserve.
That will teach me.

Again i will be panned for saying this but the board made huge mistakes on and off the pitch in the summer one of which was to ignore the will of most and not have a fans forum so the normal fan like me and others can just have a chat and listen to those who run the club and try and work as one to make this work.
But they did their own thing and that is fine and dandy but did with some leave a bad taste when they ignored some and moved people from their seats and next season will see them people pay more now if the club had taken just five minutes to talk to fans on this, that would not have been the case.

The huge mistake the club made was to go too fast too soon in the changes and not bring in a wise head like David Dein or someone of that ilk to oversee the changes and also he knows football inside out and would not have let Hughes do half the damage he did.

The boardroom will i hope sit down and think this whole re branding process and take what is special about Queen's Park Rangers and with that we will and can become the dream they all want us to be part of.

For what it is worth yes we can stay up,but it will take some job and while we have fight in the team we need to also move out in every way we can those that do not want to be here and have no belly for the fight.
If we stay up we need as one to all step back and breathe it has been a rough couple of seasons and both the fan base and club have had a lot to take in and i hope and pray that the board will learn from all the mistakes made.
And we will be stronger and wiser for it and it don't even matter what league we are in as long as we have a team to support.
And what also matters is the club history culture and fans above the re branding or project as some may call it.

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