Sunday, 21 October 2012

Today is a day when we need the team to stand up for themselves and anything less than a point will see the manager and staff under more pressure.
I think today we need to see Adel and Junior Hoilett have to start and also have to find away of Helping Zamora up front as at times he looks like he needs someone to work with,

We need a win simple as that which is why i said the players need to stand up and be counted as does the manager.
He has been backed by the board i am not sure i agree that we have only been out played twice in my mind we have been lucky that many teams have not taken chances that our defense give at will.
That said this is a team that has talent but as yet no cutting edge and playing for a draw to me is madness.
The team i would play is this Júlio César,
Bosingwa, Hill,Nelsen,Traoré,

Then again i am not paid 3m a year so what do i know Everton are hard to beat and also have something we so badly need and that is they work as a team and give up on nothing but today we can turn that all upside down and get among them and once we get that win we can go into the next game so some hope,lose and i fear that Mark Hughes quote that we will never be in this  position again will look empty words.

The fans as always will play the role of the 12th player but we need something to feed from and that we can all build on.
Tommy Smith scored last season and won the points but this is not the same team today that we are playing they will be up for it and i hope we are.
I look at far better players in our squad and can not get my head round why we have been so poor.
The season does not start today but our fightback can.

Come on U R's

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