Friday, 26 August 2011

Gracie Fields your boys gave us a kicking.

What a week we beat Everton Shaun Derry faultless and played the best midfield role in a Rangers shirt since god knows when.
Right after the game i turned to my mates and said that's us out of the league cup on Tuesday then,so it came that Rochdale came down and well worth their win and the 2nd goal would have looked good in the premier.

That said our manager did not care nor the players i wish they would have said before the game that they would give the game away so easy and not made us dig in and pay £15 to watch that load of old rubbish
Then also comes the word that Rangers are after the one and only and much issued Joey Barton a man who stands up to cheats by cheating, and who also plays The Smiths twitters poet and also has a hair cut that George Orwell would have loved.

He is called trouble and there is a topic right away on the message boards but and this is the big but the boy can play if he was without his moments of madness he would be in the England team  then you read this Joey Q and A and you see something different in the man not saying what he does is right at all in fact the cigar act was pure vile but reading that made me think a wee bit i grew up in one of the hardest estates in Belfast and then one in London as well that was not easy to live in.

And you get to see how easy it is for people with a brain to be ignored and left to chase dreams and fail due to the fact the world turns it's back on such Estates at times.
Joey is complex and deep some what insane at times.
But you feel he is in love with the game and it is a shame if the lad will end the game with a media tag and no medals.

I always think back to Mark Dennis one of the best footballers i have seen at QPR forget the headlines that man without his moments would have been  int he  England team.
But he made his mistakes and his talent ignored and i hope Joy does does not suffer the same fate.
Look at Poor old Gazza the media made him feel they were laughing with him yet they set him up to knock him down week after week.

Now back to dear old Rochdale i am think and maybe they do but it is wrong they do not belt out a Gracie Fields number During the game.

Ok this week in QPR land we said hello and goodbye to the League Cup and perhaps Joey Barton now a cure for all that is Three points at Wigan

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