Sunday, 21 August 2011

it's the dawning of a new era

They say a week in politics is a long time,at Queen's Park Rangers it is more a lifetime and also from despair to a rebirth in a week was something to sit down think over maybe shed a tear of joy that the club is now away from the fire of doom and in the hands of people that promise to help build dreams.

On the way to Everton yesterday i sat in the car thinking of all the times i have spent on the motorways and in service stations chatting to people giving a U R's to fellow hoops and feeling such pride in that iconic shirt.
And always as well with seeing other teams fans walking around same as us with hopes and dreams the season is still too young for despair and the false dawns are still in mind and the dreams alive.
That said last Saturday was the worst start to the season is so many ways and yet a week on heading home down the motorway the car was buzzing fans at the service stations happy again means so much.

I knew nothing about our new owner but i like what he says and i like the fact he understands football as is in the game and he already has but people into run the business side of it and the passion is back in the boardroom.

Gone will be the mindset of some fans are better than others the years of spin and lies and the worst of crimes the vile smears put about Loftus Road about fans players and even managers.
It was a breeding ground for them as lies was the key used to gain the club and turn it at times  a monster seeing fans argue and fight was just so sad and wrong and i hope that them days will now be gone.

It will also see the end of agents coming into the club and writing their own contracts on insane deals that seen the club become a cash cow to those who have no interest in our club.
The dark shadow of greed hung over us like the grim ripper would come from time to time and many times we were pulled out of  the frying pan to be chucked straight into the fire.

Now at last i can sit back and feel like that kid who sat on them coaches that went all over the land to see the Queen's Park Rangers and i can say loud and proud that this time we are truly saved.
And yesterday i dedicate to the wonderful person who took me onto them coaches for the first time and took me into the Queen's Park Rangers family that is dear old and  much missed Mrs Daphne Biggs god bless her and our new QPR.


  1. Well put there Paul. I nice touch to finish off with Daphne Biggs. I believe we've got our club back.
    In Tony we Trust.

  2. Hard to think it's 9 years since Mrs QPR left Loftus Road to take up her celestial season ticket in the stands above, time goes very fast. She was a great lady and gave so much of herself to QPR, and bought a sense of calmness and dignity to everything in her dealings with QPR, and being a female presence in a mostly male environment she was a very good influence! She was always respected by the QPR fans! Hope she enjoyed seeing us get back to the top flight, and is still cheering the R's on from her free seat!