Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Game Above All

While on the tube yesterday I took note of how much this city is changing day by day and how London seems to want to replace our history with eye sore like buildings that look like a one year old was let lose with Lego.
Going in from Barnet I shared a train with some Chelsea fans now as a rule I love to talk as anyone who knows me will tell you and also I do like to chat to other fans at times.
But I sat down and just took note of what they talked about and bite my lip the words filled my head of our take on their blue flag song.
And I have to be honest I do not like them in fact I hate them always have and will can not change that now at my age.
But I was shocked on what they talked about it is all about how many goals they will score and if trying to google the other teams players as they had no idea about them at all.

Worst of all the young lad had only seen them lose twice in the years he was going and I swear in his head he felt that they can not lose at home and if they do the manager needs to go.
I was amazed at this.
Not due to them being fans of the club I hate but as I felt when I was young all the fun in going to the game is seeing your lads do all they can to beat the other side.
I do not think I have ever gone a season or a mind set that if we do not win the games and beat all in front of us and by not doing so it is not sorrow I feel due to the loss but anger almost spolit child like that someone did not read the rules of the new modern football.

I think of talking to my mates on Monday and all we could think about was we now have a team that can and will give anyone in this league a game as with Bolton the other week if we did not change that we would have done a Derby.

Anyway my point of this blog today is I am glad we are not like them I am pleased that when and if we are lucky enough to win one of the three top trophies we will enjoy it and understand that a football club is not about the glory it is indeed the game above all.

I still can not take in the fact that on a radio phone in a Chelsea fan came on and said that winning the FA only would be seen as a failed season.
No, with that mindset you are a failed fan of the game.

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