Friday, 23 September 2011

Frankly Mr. Spall

Yesterday I was reading that bit in the Daily Mail about Joey Barton by Leo Spall, This hack was trying to understand our managers mindset in giving the armband to Joey and before that Adel.
They even managed to get in the picture of a Wolves player in a heap and Barton walking away.
I was shocked they also did not get out the photo shop and say that during half time Joey jumped into a time machine and was the man who indeed shot JFK.

The hack also is worried that our children will indeed copy Joey Barton in the playground,So there you have it people if a child in the playground lifts his or her fingers to tell the other team of the score then football is over it it is finished.
What a load of old shite.

Right I like most Rangers fans watched that game and from the start of that game the Wolves players were sent out to hurt Joey or wind him up.
Now that does not make good Daily Mail headlines but that is how I seen it.

What also seemed to have bypassed the saviour of the game Mr Spall was the shocking leg smasher of a tackle by the Wolves player Nick Henry
Which I feel Joey was lucky to get up from and if Joey had of done that tackle on Henry and the ref missed it the FA would have come in and he would have been banned from a few games as they should have done with Henry.

Do not get me wrong I am not going to stand up for what Joey has done in the past or defend it but I think as a fan of our club I seen things in many ways and I see the lad coming to QPR and I will judge him on what his does in our Hoops.
And what I seen at Wolves does not I feel need a hack to try and question a manager who took a club from the drop door in the league to Champions the following season.
By asking in his outrage is Neil Warnock an agent provocateur?
He is a manager in the same manner of 100 per cent of the rest of the managers in the premier league.

I bet the same hack would be like many in the media very quick to say that Paul Scholes is not dirty just late in his tackles and make jokes about him and buses double standards I think in more than one way.
Being honest I ask myself why this man is so outraged by Joey wanting to have words with the sunday league style tackle done by Henry and his telling the fans the score it is a real shame that the same person did not ask why the FA did not take action on Henry and also how well Queen's Park Rangers played and how we used the ball and if our manager was from either of the North London Premier teams they would be saying that we are a great side with craft vision and style and will be a good side to watch in the premier.
But we are not and no matter how well the other lads do on the pitch the press and cameras only want to make Joey Barton the demon in the game and never give us credit for anything.

Well I am sorry to Leo Spall but fact of the matter is that Queen's Park Rangers are not the anti christ of football and nor or we a dirty side we play on the floor and I ask him to watch the whole game and talk about the game not his pre wrote match  notes that all it needs is to be sent to the paper after the end of the game.

Oh and no ,Warnock and Joey are not agent provocateurs but two men trying to keep Queen's Park Rangers in the premier league forgive us but come May we will be pleased to shove your words down you neck and look forward to you writing on us being a team of players that deserve our status in the premier league.
But I fear that will never happen but as long as the first bit does what you say is only fit to serve as bog roll should the need be.

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