Sunday, 23 October 2011

This is the day

Today is here at last OK I know this game means more to us than it does them and I do not care about that.
It is what it means to me that matters,words would fail me if I even give it a go in saying why I hate the Great Satan from the Kings Road.
Even when we were two leagues below them it did not matter I have seen us hammer them and also lose they hurt more than anything.

I do not care how Chelsea re brand themselves to me I can and will never forget going there in the 80's and 90's and how vile their fans were at that ground and when they came to the bush.
On the way to see my mum who is in St Mary's for a bad fall myself and my sister driving down Chippenham road seen a scum fan on his bike honest to god you would think it was a cartoon brought to life.
Looked like a man who nicked the car from back to the future and came from 1979 full skinhead tattoos that would shame a simpleton.
Anyway I tried to get near him to hammer him about today to my sisters horror but he went the wrong way not for the first time in his life.

Now how insane is that but I can not help myself I see that shirt and it makes my blood boil.
But today for me is about Gary Bannister,Alan McDonald and for some reason that goal by Kevin Gallen make me think of days like today image of McDonald with his fists in the air from when we done them back in the day when beating them was no shock.

Today is more than that no one will give us a chance they will down and litter the place and large it up and yes they have won things and I do not care I have always said it and always will I would never give up a day of being a QPR fan for what they have had or got.
Queen's Park Rangers are the peoples club of West London yes we now have the money so long missing but one thing we never did that they did was walk away when the dark days came in fact our gates went up.
This club means everything to us and today is not our cup final as they say on their sites it is a day when we as fans thank god we picked up them blue and white hoops and became fans of the greatest football club in the world and not one of them,
Heroes will be born today songs will be wrote no its not a cup final it is when the peoples club shake off it's chains and tells the football world we are Queen's Park Rangers and we are back and give me that blue flag to........well you know the rest.
Come on my team Come on U R's

And today is for our Daphne

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.[Mark Twain]


  1. Well said Paul! I wasn't even born in the UK, but my football heart belongs to rangers since I was 7. I have long realised what great people that excist in and around the club. Real people! And I agree when you describe what a special club this is. Come on u Rrrsss! Jan P.

  2. A classic rant Paul - love it! Sounds like you have been sampling the delights of the Gallen goal and Macca interviews from 1995 on Youtube .......UUUUUUURRRRRSSSSS!!!!!!!