Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dreams of day's like today when at London Road

I was told the other week that my grammar was woeful and it is true it is but bugger all i can do about it,i could not spell a word till i was near twelve the curse of an over active mind mixed with the dyslexia head.
Anyway sorry to you all in reading my bad grammar rants.

The last weeks on the football field more than great like the win over the great Satan and then walking to spurs with the tiger cubs was just magic,
Downside was My poor old mum is fighting every day to get her health back and during them times it brings back how football can act as a safety net for life and what it chucks at ya at times.

Talking of Chelsea just when you think you can not hate them enough you can always find that extra bit of hate.

Today we play City top of the League and a team that would beat anyone millions spent and i wonder when they dropped down the leagues like us did they dare to dream these days are going to come and riches they would have.

Come to think of it did we, when being spanked at London Road on a cold Oct night.Then again perhaps it is the darkness of them days that make the light we have now seem so bright.
I guess not but i do not hate City and never have always got on well with their fans apart from when Jamie Pollock scored THAT own goal and sent them down and only the rain saved us from a very angry mob.
I am looking forward to seeing their fans again down the bush i wonder if they have changed a wee since the old days they used to come in the White Horse and once i swapped my Rangers scarf for a Man City one i said to a fella this scarf was at Man Utd when we won and he was his was at a European final but said  it would be an honour to swap and he did.

I am sure today old Curly Watts is dancing on his bin round i always recall his city scarf from the old days when City were the team from Manchester so ironic with all our riches today is the Peoples club from Manchester playing at the Peoples club of West London.
That said i really hope we win sure they can always get the three points back of Chelsea it's just so easy.
Good luck City after today.and get well soon Mum

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