Saturday, 14 January 2012

Neil Warnock

Ok not done a blog for ages due to many things in life that my time is not my own,
Being honest reading his thoughts on QPR today in the paper Via Indyrs it left me more in shock than even cold.
I know Neil will divide thoughts on him in the game and i get that,But at Queen's Park Rangers he was the man who took us from the arse of the league to Champions into the Premier and done what will be seen in many years as the man who put down  the foundations of whatever happens to our great club and all that comes our way would not have been done unless we as a club took the step and put Neil and his team in charge.

 Steve Russell always  said to me you judge a person and what they did at the club if they made a difference and he did that in mountain loads.
People forget how bad as a club we were back then Hart had come in and killed us on the pitch we could not beat Uxbridge under tens also as seen now in the four year plan away from the pitch the club was a basket case.
He came in and saved us then not only that took us up in his first season,he stopped the constant and failed go at taking in unheard of players and went for championship players and in Paddy Kenny one of the best keepers i have seen at QPR since Seaman.

I said at the time the fans will give a manager what he gives to us and i have to say QPR and Neil never left anything in the ground we gave everything as he did and the reward for that was one of the best seasons we have ever had.
For many a year QPR had become a joke club in the papers with some idiots in the boardroom now gone thank god treating the press and fans like idiots,lucky for us Neil seen that the fans were out on their knees and he took us off them and then some.
I never thought i would ever see Queen's Park Rangers as champions only a season after i left the city ground after a 5-0 result.
Truth is i thought we would be leaving the league via the other exit to call us poor was a crime on poor football teams.
Not helped by a board that hired a manager then spent its time after that shooting them down and a even using their own websites to bring them down,dark days and sad to see our great club devoid of the soul that made us the People's club of West London.

I have said before on here that football saved me from hell at times and this year was a poor one away from QPR and i know this makes me sad but QPR got me over it at times.
How can one person who wears them hoops ever forget last season from Derby away to Swansea home when you came out of them games you knew this team was special this was a team that can wear the word champions with pride and they did.

I am also said to see that Neil was removed by text i want to say that is poor and was a mistake in my book the man done more for us that deserves better than a goodbye and thank you text.

Neil Warnock from a QPR fan who has seen our club kicked about like a can and treated like rubbish even from those who owned us can i just say thank you for coming in to our club and for the hope you gave  us as fans and for making us put the words PREMIER LEAGUE back in place along side Queen's Park Rangers.

We have our Rangers back for that i could never thank you enough.

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  1. Hi Paul. Good article.
    I've heard a few people say Warnock was sacked via text, yet that's not what Warnock has said.
    He was sent a text by Philip Beard asking if he would attend a meeting. Warnock rightly assumed he would be sacked in the meeting, so he asked Beard to come to his house, which he did, whereupon he was sacked.

    - (another) Paul