Saturday, 12 May 2012

Our Bit Part In Super Sunday

I have not done a blog post for sometime reason for that is simple enough a few too many people pointed out my poor grammar and lack of spelling which being born with Dyslexia among other acts of fun from god i thought  i would take the bull by the horns and do one and like all my life my errors are well pointed out.

Trouble is i am back as i have to get this out of my system so in advance i am sorry to the spelling and grammar police.

Right tomorrow is the day all the media care about who picks up the trophy and can tour it round the World ASAP and make more TV money and all the other tours that come with it.Then moan about too many clubs in this league and to many games via the world circus that is the Premier League
We as in QPR and Bolton have a bit part in all this we are the clubs that now stand over the trapdoor to the championship and our downfall will be knew come after 90 Mins tomorrow.

Even Sir Alex wants us to do a "wee Aberdeen" Alex if we beat City tomorrow and you win the league it will mean nothing to us at all what matters to us is our club and that club staying up, Just like we do not matter to you in anyway unless Ashley Young needs to take a dive and win a game.

The whole hype over this game is mad,even on the respected Guardian podcast they think we could lose by eight or more.
Such poor respect for a club that has comeback from the dead to somehow get back in the top league and has 90 mins to save its dreams.

One thing this season has not been is dull we have good people in the boardroom internationals on the pitch our fan base as one and a club that many know is going places new ground, training ground,youth set up all on the minds of the owners and even Land in our heartland  on the verge of being paid for where we will have our new home.
And yet we wait our league fate in the background of sky TV fireworks and that tape they cover miles of earth with, the premier league big wigs and playing a club who's fans know all very well the pain of seeing your club fall into poor hands and lower leagues and like us never walked away.
Ironic in a way the game is with City as i say they know our pain and any other time i would be over the moon for them forgive the pun.

Queen's Park Rangers i would not swap ya for all the clubs in the world i just pray and hope we somehow pull it off tomorrow and Bolton Sky and The BBC will take no notice of if it is us or you that goes down but i know too well how they and we will feel tomorrow night.

I will be there next season i don't care where it is or what league as Morrissey once said there is a light that never goes out.

Come on U R's

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