Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hope in them Hoops

I have not done one of these for ages so please forgive again my poor Grammar.

Right hands up all those at WBA  that when we had a chance to steal a point at the end could not believe our luck?
Not just me then.

I have no idea what is wrong with the club at the moment or why on earth we find ourselves at the foot of the table without a win and looking like a team that starts with it's best players on the bench which is new to me in all my years of watching the game.

Something is very wrong at the club is the mindset i have after seeing all our games this far and the talk of players jumping into a taxi when told not in the team and heading back to London is a worry and i hope not the case.
I ask myself did the board give too much power to Mark Hughes as it looks like he is in control of things on and off the pitch or do we need a wise old head in the background in the way David Dein did at Arsenal?

I keep saying to myself the season starts Sunday or Saturday but that is not the case our season started as we know at the hammering of us by Swansea and apart from the Chelsea and Spurs game we have been poor this far in what we need is to understand where we are and show some hunger and also play like the team we know we can be we have some of the best players at the club since the 90's so why do we find ourselves in this position is what i want to know.

And also that Interview with Adel was both sad and unreal at the same time i do not recall seeing a player in that state ever on camera and i hope he and Hughes sort it out as that was more than a worry to look at.

I also have a huge faith that we can find our feet but that is something as a QPR fan we are born with i guess.
I also still have huge faith and still thank Tony Fernandes for buying into the QPR dream but Tony i have watched football for over thirty years and do know like many others what i am talking about.

And i hope to god that Tony and Amit stay with us and put in place the plans that will take our club to the next level and also take what is so special about us and they don't need me to tell them what that is they have been around long enough to know that,but what i will say our fans do have the right to panic at times in fact being born QPR it should be our middle name.

Now this is the bit where i say it will all be great on Monday morning and we will be shouting Rangers are back loud and proud and as it may seem mad i do think we can win, all i will say is that i will take one win and two draws from the next four and that will give me hope.

Last two things are sad to see Faurlin out of the team and also Joey Barton what a fool that man is i seem he said he only came for the money after leaving his beloved Newcastle was that the same Newcastle that he hammered so much on the Open all R's podcast that like he said QPR did put him in the youth set up?
Now he is in love with the French and all things from his window he looks out of well until he finds himself with the youth set up perhaps Joey it may just be you that is the problem?

Anyway i have hope in them hoops some come on Rangers on Sunday

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